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Your Vote Matters

I grew up thinking my vote didn't matter.  When I mentioned this to adults, they always told me it does, and that voting is one of the most important things  I can do as a citizen.  So I voted, still believing my vote didn't matter.   The...

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Why #StayHome?

Because we slow down and ultimately prevent infection. That's what South Korea and China did. See their curve start to flatten? When you don't this happens...infections surge. Like our curve below. That's why we need to #StayHome

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What happened to bottle refunds?  I remember when we would collect all the glass bottles in the house and take them to Sy's, our local grocer. Then it stopped.  I remember it happened when plastic came along.  My mom's Tab bottles started to come in plastic. Soon, our...

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Say Something

If someone you know is "not right"...too angry, too confused, too depressed. Tell someone, their parent(s), counselor...someone that can help. It might save a life or two or 12 or more. People are supposed to be happy. Make it your goal. Have faith in yourself. Treat...

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