Plastic Recycling? Not!

Most our plastics are not being recycled and sometimes, it just gets incinerated leaving toxic air for humans and animals to inhale. Here’s a few reasons why?

Number one:Since oil is so inexpensive, companies find it more cost effective to buy new plastic than recycled plastic products. Please, if you can afford it, buy items that use recycled plastic. I’ll find a list and publish it on my next blog.

Number two: China no longer takes our plastic. And, the countries that do just illegally dump it. Check out these images from my latest search on illegal dumping

Number three: If you don’t clean your plastic before recycling it goes straight to a landfill…period. Also make sure your plastics have a recycling number on the bottom of the container either #1, #2, #4, #5, #6 If it doesn’t, throw it out in your garbage and look for an alternate brand. (Try not to buy packaging with the #3 label. It’s really hard to recycle.) Better yet, look for a brand that doesn’t use plastic! Hopefully, now that industrial hemp is legal to grow here, we’ll have fully biodegradable plastic….

After reading a few articles about this I went to The Center for Hard to Recycle Materials (CHaRM) here in Atlanta. I asked them where does plastic go from here? Turns out we have a company called Nexus Fuels that turns our plastic into fuel. Way cool. Another great reason for moving to Atlanta. Check with your town or city to find out what they do. And if you don’t like it…do something to change it.