Pesticide-free, naturally dyed t-shirts.

 Now more than ever is the time to think about how the products we wear affect the environment. Buy a hand-crafted, sustainable Peacenik shirt and help save the Earth!


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We offer the popular below categories, plus standard tees, children’s, silks, wholesale, & more! 

Women’s Dyes

Soft scoop neck

Organic cotton & bamboo

Cut for a woman’s body

Unisex Dyes

Naturally dyed

Organic cotton & hemp


Custom Designs

Custom, fun designs

Get the message out!

Add to any shirt

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About Peacenik

Peacenik was officially incorporated on Earth Day, 1990.

I saw the green movement gain momentum and slowly die. Then and now, environmental awareness is critical. My goal is to educate people environmentally as well as spiritually. Loving yourself is what the environment needs. You can be surrounded by health and happiness if you choose that for yourself. Just like my old “stoplight” shirt says… go love, yield to nothing, stop fear.


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